custom made windows

Custom made windows add character to your home, and wood is a particularly popular choice because it can be used to recreate almost any type of style. Gone are the days when windows were considered merely as a means for ventiltion and lighting; they are architetural focal points - functional and decorative - produced in almost any configuration, made with any features, while never compromising on quality. We will work with you to design your windows to your specifications.

While you want your windows to add value to your home, safety and protection are imporant factors, especially in South Africa. Custom made windows have to be intruder-resistant as well as enery efficient – reduce heating and cooling costs - and McCoys windows are custom design to include high performance and attractive windows. All our windows undergo stringent testing – whether single or double glazed, the windows reflect heated and cool air back to its source, rather than allowing it to disperse.

Our selection of woods allow homeowners to make choices that reflect their individual personality. Custom made windows mean you don't have to adhere to a one-size-fits-all. Options for windows mean decorative design, colours, glass patterns, casings and sills that add beauty and character. Architects work closely with us to ensure windows of form and function. Opening and closing systems prevent windows from jamming.

With timber sash windows, you get a varity of designs, colours, security options, a wide range of finishes amd features which render them weather resistant while retaining an attractive appearance.The wood is treated to prevent rot and fungal decay. The bottom line is that with our custom made windows, we combine the latest technology to ensure originality.

Casement windows, double hung sashes of all sizes and variations, Victorian or traditional, we have every resource available for sophisticated fabrication of custom made windows to fit every size, dimension and style.

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